As a Sydney based stylist working in interior design for over 15 years, Kellie Murray has become known for her sense of style and her ability to articulate the unique aesthetic desires of her clients.

Mixing traditional with bespoke, and old with new comes naturally to Kellie, which results in an eclectic space entirely original and filled with love.  
In the spring of 2011, stifled by the interior ranges available in Australia, Kellie opened PAD in Sydney's design hub of Waterloo. Heralded by Vogue Living as "artfully styled" and a store that was "offering visitors a storyboard of inspiration," PAD quickly became a destination store for editors, stylists, design lovers and everyone else in-between. 

Believing that good design is all about longevity and practicality just as much as it is about trends, Kellie now works one-on-one with her clients to create design solutions for their homes that they will love for a lifetime. Her ability to expertly curate and edit homewares with accessories puts both high street purchases and designer statements next to bargain basement finds effortlessly. Think the glamour of Hollywood Regency, the relaxed vibe of Palm Springs, the casual elegance of colonial Bahamas, statement vintage pieces, exotic Asian Chinoiserie, luxurious fabrics and layers of accessories.

It's an aesthetic built on passion and a style all her own.