“Kellie Murray is a unique talent. She has the enviable knack of being able to envisage rooms and spaces in her mind, to see the end results with her fabulous creativity and designer’s eye, and bring them to life with her amazing ability to design, decorate and style. Kellie has one of the best eyes I have seen when it comes to visual merchandising and styling.  She is the master of the vignette. Kellie has a great flair for colour and pattern, a firm understanding of balance and proportion, mixing styles and an innate sense of taste and style that cannot be learned. She is, on top of all this, a delightful, vivacious and warm person, always a pleasure to work with and an inspiration.”

Melinda Hartwright, Bowral
Melinda Hartwright Interiors

"Having engaged Kellie's services for many years now, for a number of different projects, Kellie is my "go to designer" when I am stuck on ideas or inspiration.  Kellie's style and ability to pull different elements together to create an edgy, functional, practical and aesthetic space are completely effortless to her.  Kellie always seems to know what I am trying to achieve and I love that she can take the stress out of making loads of decisions and actually make it an enjoyable process.   Her professional advice and gentle nudges on direction of colour, furniture and co-rdinating elements really add individual and harmonious layers to a room that make the spaces she designs a pleasure to live in."

Tracey Doyle, Oyster Bay

“A snapshot of Kellie's style:

  • Eye for detail
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Quirky
  • Fun
  • Speaks Quality
  • Sourced from all over the globe
  • Melting pot of influence – Bahamas, New York, Palm Springs
  • Knows all the best places to source the best pieces
  • Thrifty, clever sourcing - not a snob
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of trends and styles and looks
  • A bit on the glamorous side
  • Textures/patterns - she can't get enough
  • Thoughtful, heartfelt; pieces have meaning
  • A hell of a lot more thought goes into it than anyone would guess or believe
  • Treasures are displayed, not hidden away
  • Ban the matchy matchy
  • Looks back in time to vintage pieces and rare finds
  • Loves colour
  • Confident
  • Interesting
  • Works with, not against - what you already have
  • Sentimental and loved pieces
  • Defining - helps to define who you are and what you are about
  • Timeless
  • "On-trend" but different to what everyone else does at the same time; not so on trend you can guess the era or time exactly”

Rachel Dewar, Gymea Bay

"Passionate, open, patient and a perfectionist in all the best ways, Kellie has been hands down the best investment to our house. After a renovation we had a great house with good spaces but I struggled to pull it together cohesively without it looking too matchy, a lift out of a catalogue and practical to cover young messy kids. Kellie transformed it into an inviting home with unique touches, always channeling our style and taste with sensible steers.”

Shona Shedden, Oatley

“Kellie Murray is amazing. I have had the pleasure of working with Kellie on our last two houses and I have found her sense of   style as well as her beautiful kind nature so refreshing and easy to work with.  Kellie listens and gets to know what her clients want. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she goes above and beyond when working with clients.  As both of our houses were 'renovator’s delights’ and we were on a tight budget, involving   Kellie actually saved us money as we had a very clear plan and worked with that. Not only has Kellie always assisted us with enquiries but she has stayed in touch. The results were exactly how we planned and she gave us confidence to know what each step was before we started.  She turned these houses into our homes.”

Dearne Kinmont, Croydon Park

“Kellie’s knowledge and attention to detail is first class. I was a regular shopper at PAD and was very inspired by the beautiful and detailed “rooms” Kellie created. Kellie is part of the team currently working on my home renovation, we have fun working together and I highly recommend her services.”

Susie Morgan, Manly

"Kellie is someone who can see the whole picture and is able to   bring everything together beautifully. Her guidance and understanding are greatly appreciated and she has given me not just a decorated house but inspiration to continue and create a home. Thank you Kellie!”

Judith Phillips, Woronora

“Kellie's passion for interior design shows in any of the work she does. Her vast knowledge of textiles, coupled with her great eye for colour and attention to detail when working on a project results in a relaxed, yet always glamorous outcome.
Love your work Kellie!"

Albertina Hill, Haberfield